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Sunday, 26 June 2016

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"Let God speak to your heart before you speak to your people." - Larry Osborne

Preaching Unleashed
Nice feedback PDF Print E-mail

We just received these great words from a retiring pastor who asked us to end his membership:

"Thanks for taking care of things so quickly! And I do want you to know that I really appreciate all that Preaching Unleashed offers. It's been very helpful to me over the last four years - especially in dry spells when I was able to find illustrations and stories that helped recharge my batteries. Blessings to you and for all you do for us!"  -Pastor Tom Osif

Neon Faith series PDF Print E-mail

Neon FaithDoes your faith (or more importantly, does the faith of the people in your congregation) shine? We've uploaded a new four-week series on Neon Faith, covering the topics Radical Faith, Authentic Faith, Scandalous Faith, and Enduring Faith. Jud Wilhite's new series led to dozens of baptisms and rededication's at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. What can God do through this theme in your church?

Navigating through a series PDF Print E-mail

We have made it easier for you to navigate through the messages in a series! Now when you get to the bottom of a sermon, if it's part of a series you'll see a link to all the other messages in that series. Thanks to the member who suggested this--we're happy to give you what you asked for.